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New Device Lets Drummers Practice Quietly

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Device Lets Drummers Practice Quietly AUSTIN, TEXAS, AUGUST 2, 2014 – Drummers have been faced with a common dilemma for years: disturbing others while they practice. To solve this issue, one company has created a device that lets drummers play without sound. Without forfeiting the feel of true playing, Dead Ring…

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Dead Ring Mute Sexy Girl Intro

Check out our new Dead Ring Mutes “Sexy Girl” intro! It’s hot!

Duct Tape for Cymbal Mutes

Innovative Cymbal Mutes

A few years ago, my practice space was in my office near downtown Austin, TX. It was a great space and if I played there after hours, I could play as late as I wanted. The only issue that I had was that I never practiced. My office is about 20 minutes from my house,…

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A Brief History of Paiste Cymbals

In the world of music and musical instruments, cymbals play a crucial role especially for a percussionist. The musical sound that is generated through cymbals are not only harmonious to the ear but also its different levels of sound has the power to leave the audience spellbound. Hence an insatiable desire of every drummer is…

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Cymbal Mutes for Sabian Cymbals

Cymbal is a key instrument in the palette of percussionist. The instrument plays an important role in emitting the harmonious sound that clouds an entire drumming session. It is a disc shaped instrument made of various alloys with an elevated bell in the centre with a view to create the impressive music. Sabian is the…

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Practice, Practice, Practice Quietly

It is rightly said that ‘practice makes a man perfect’. This rule applies in every field where you need perfection, precision and flawlessness. Ditto goes for drumming. Drums are to “be played” not to be “beating on”. If you need to be a meticulous drummer who can captivate audiences, you need to make a lot…

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Huh? Hearing Loss in Drummers

“Playing drums without ear protection usually exposes you to 100—115dB. The risk of developing hearing loss depends on the length of time of exposure without ear protection, the proximity to speakers, listening to loud music through earphones, previous hearing damage, and your physical condition. It takes only 15 minutes of noise exposure of 100—115dB without…

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Zildjian Cymbals: They Like it Loud in Istanbul

For many decades these magical discs made from different alloys and sizes have played a vital role in creating the awe-inspiring jams by different musicians across the world. Either it is a Jazz band or percussion ensembles, Cymbals such as Zildjian have left an indelible mark in every style of music. To look deeper into…

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Cymbal Mutes: Big Hit, No Noise

No matter how hard I hit my cymbal mutes they don’t increase in volume. It’s really amazing how they work. The fact that such a small textile ring could dampen vibrations enough to basically kill all of the sound emanating from the crash. Same thing with the ride cymbal. I can still get a “tink”…

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Crash Cymbal Mutes

Why use Cymbal Mutes?

Cymbal mutes to modify your cymbals from noisy to quite equipment are your safest and the cheapest bet. Now what exactly is cymbal mute? It could be anything that can lessen the noise emitted from the cymbals. It could be either a commercial rubberized padding that can be placed on the round edges of the…

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